Mashid Mohadjerin’s work explores the boundaries between art and documentary photography, focusing on social injustice, activism, and misrepresentation in image making. Over the last 15 years she has produced many features addressing topics such as migration, displacement, borders, cultural and social alienation and the quest for cultural identity. Her latest project is part of her PhD in the Arts, highlighting the role of women in recent uprisings and revolutions in the Middle East and beyond.

As a photographer, she seeks to document the vastness of the human spirit, our connectedness, and our plurality, and aims to challenge stereotypes. Her projects and assignments have taken her around the world to hotbed regions in central Asia, West Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and throughout the United States.
Her work has been featured in publications such as The New York Times, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, Le Monde, La Domenica di Repubblica, The Globe & Mail, the BBC online, DS magazine, De Morgen magazine, the Amnesty International journal, De Volkskrant, Spiegel…

After obtaining an MFA in Photography from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, she went on to win first prize in the Contemporary Issues category at the World Press Photo Awards 2009, as well as IPA and Prix de la Photo. Mashid’s photography is shown in galleries, museums and festivals such as BOZAR (Brussels), Visa Pour L’Image (Perpignan), Fotolegendo (Rome), Extra City (Antwerp), Isolab (Venice),…

Her book ‘Lipstick & Gas Masks‘ is a visual exploration of the role of female activists in the uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia, signs and symbols of resistance and is a part of her research at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Belgium.

She teaches photography at Narafi (Luca School of Arts Brussels). With her philosophy to instill in her students, the idea of being authentic and transformative. Invited often as a keynote speaker, she gives talks and workshops at various artistic and humanitarian events.

In 2017, Mashid was appointed as one of the CANON ambassadors, part of a pioneering initiative connecting photographers around the world to communities in a proactive way.

Mashid Mohadjerin is represented by Redux Pictures.


  • 2021: “Freedom Is Not Free”, exhibition at Inbox, M HKA, Antwerp
  • 2021: “Lipstick & Gas Masks”, collection exhibition, M HKA, Antwerp
  • 2020: Bilboard Project “Textile As Resistance”, by MOMU, Antwerp
  • 2020: “Textile As Resistance”, solo exhibition, commissioned by MOMU at TEXTURE MUSEUM, Kortrijk
  • 2019: “Lipstick & Gas Masks”, group exhibition by GEOPOLIS at the Sint-Gorikshallen, Brussels
  • 2019: “Imagining Monuments”, group exhibition at EXTRA CITY Kunsthall, Antwerp
  • 2018: “Eating Each Other”, group exhibition curated by Michiel Vandevelde, EXTRA CITY Kunsthall, Antwerp
  • 2018: Group exhibition organized by Capta Collective, ISOLAB, Venice
  • 2018: “Women in Resistance”, selected works by researchers Geert Goiris en Vijai Patchineelam put together by Nico Dockx at Lodgers, MU KA, Antwerp
  • 2018: Group exhibition organized by Capta Collective, QF Gallery, Verona
  • 2018: Curator voor “Viewmaster”, for De Academies, in collaboration with composer Wim Hendrickx, Antwerp
  • 2018: Westbank series at VISA POUR l’IMAGE, Perpignan
  • 2018: “Women & Violence”, group exhibition with fellow researchers Renata Lamenza, Ulla Deventer en Liza Van Der Stock, KASKA, Antwerp
  • 2017: “Lipstick & Gas Masks”, solo exhibition and book presentation at Pedrami Gallery, Antwerp
  • 2016: #IdoRevolution, installation and soundscape for the exhibition “New Narratives” at BOZAR, Brussels
  • 2016: “Cruises“, a commissioned exhibition and book for the RED STAR LINE Museum, Antwerp
  • 2015: Group exhibition at PEDRAMI GALLERY, Antwerp
  • 2014: “Home Sweet Home”, a commissioned exhibition for the RED STAR LINE Museum, Antwerp
  • 2014: “Boat migrants”, exhibition, curated by Aair, ATLAS, Antwerp
  • 2013: “Home, my Place in the World”, Lost Migrant Boat, WANDSWORTH MUSEUM, London
  • 2012: “The Flemish Sensibility”, Portraits NYC, FLANDERS HOUSE, New York
  • 2011: “Stranded and Stuck in Libya”, PALM SPRINGS PHOTO FESTIVAL, California
  • 2010: LAND, “Left Behind in Tajikistan”” series, NOORDERLICHT Festival, Groningen
  • 2009: Slideluck Potshow XIV, “Inside Europe” projection with live composition at the APERTURE GALLERY, New York
  • 2009: “Objects left behind on a Migrant Boat”, FOTOLEGGENDO FOTOFESTIVAL, Rome
  • 2009: WORLD PRESS PHOTO exhibition, International
  • 2008: “Left Behind in Tajikistan”, International Talent Support Photo Exhibition, Trieste
  • 2007: “Left Behind in Tajikistan”, IOM traveling group exhibition, Central Asia
  • 2007: “Blowup”, Holga camera images, STAY GOLD GALLERY, New York
  • 2007: “Apartheid in Libanon”, TRUTH OUT group exhibition, Turnhout


  • 2020: Weg van de Waan, a conversation with Gie Goris and Rudy Vrankx about the role of images
  • 2020: Berg en Dal, in conversation with Pat Donez for Radio Klara
  • 2019: Extra City: “Imagining Monuments”, in dialogue about the use of monuments in the city
  • 2018: Festival van de Gelijkheid (Festival of Equality): in dialogue with writer Ilja Pfeijffer
  • 2018: The Global Climate UN–COP24 (Poland): guest speaker on the power of images
  • 2017: VRT series Alleen Elvis Blijft Bestaan: a talk with Thomas Vanderveken
  • 2012: Academia Apulia Photography Award (UK) for “Lost Migrant Boat”
  • 2011: De LOEP VVOJ: nomination and publication of “Stranded and Stuck in Libya”
  • 2010: Koning Boudewijn stichting, grant for “Female Trafficking in Europe”
  • 2010: Fonds Pascal Decroos, grant for “Stranded and Stuck in Libya”
  • 2009: World Press Photo Award 1st Prize Singles (Contemporary Issues): “African Boat Migrants”
  • 2009: International Photo Awards, Honorable Mention for “African Boat Migrants”
  • 2008: Prix de la Photographie, Honorable Mention: Portrait “Left Behind in Tajikistan”
  • 2008: International Talent Support 7: Prize for “Left Behind in Tajikistan” and expo in Trieste, Italy
  • 2007: International Organization for Migration Award: “Left Behind in Tajikistan”



Can be ordered now in standard or special edition with exclusive Fine Art print

What does freedom mean? Through the lens of her camera and through a kaleidoscope of history of women in resistance, Mohadjerin put together a multidimensional work which takes the viewer on a dreamlike journey bound by neither space nor time. The art-book accompanies an exhibition focusing on the private and public world of Iranian women who grew up after the Revolution of 1979 and on places of significance from the artist’s childhood. Her works are part of an Artistic Doctoral Research at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and the University of Antwerp, which started as a research on female freedom fighters and culminated in a very personal journey to her native Iran.

184 p, ills color, 20 x 27 cm, pb, English

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